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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Video: CNN's Legal Analyst said SCOTUS Argument for Obamacare was a "Train wreck"

Today's argument in front of the Supreme Court over Obamacare was billed as the main event in terms of the multiple arguments taking place this week. If it was, CNN's expert legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin all but declared it a knockout for the Obama administration, calling it a "train wreck."

Here is his assessment of today's arguments. Note what he says toward the end. Assuming all four liberal lemming judges fall in line behind Obama's signature piece of legislation, opponents of the law might be more concerned that Justice John Roberts seemed to show more support for the law than did normal swing Justice, Anthony Kennedy.

Via TPM:

If Roberts is the most supportive of the law / individual mandate among the five most conservative Justices, it didn't come through in this exchange he had with Obama's Solicitor General, David Verrilli.


Why George Zimmerman being a Democrat matters

When it comes to the Trayvon Martin murder, the mainstream media has tried to push a narrative very similar to the one it manufactured in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting - with the added fuel of a racial angle - on the American people. That narrative (sometimes overt, other times implied) has been that Trayvon's killer was a conservative Republican. He was also a white male who, while bitterly clinging to his gun and his religion, stalked a young black teen and shot him just because of the color of that teen's skin.

Tailor-made for the predispositions of the race baiters who profit from rubbing raw - in quintessential Alinsky fashion - the sores of discontent, right?

Uh, not so much. George Zimmerman is a latino and a Democrat. In fact, the media is generally ignoring that fact, referring to Zimmerman as a "white hispanic," whatever that is. In a normal world, those things shouldn't be relevant but in order to blunt the incendiary tactics of the mainstream media, which is full of liberal apparatchiks, seemingly irrelevant and tangential facts must be underscored in order to diffuse the racially charged climate created by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Now, as I wrote about here, the possibility exists that Zimmerman shot Trayvon because the latter actually went for the former's gun.

Via Yahoo News:
George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch crime captain who shot dead 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, originally told police in a written statement that Martin knocked him down with a punch to the nose, repeatedly slammed his head on the ground and tried to take his gun, a police source told ABC News.

Zimmerman had claimed he had called police about Martin, whom he found suspicious, then went back to his car when Martin attacked him, punching him.

The new information is the most complete version yet of what Zimmerman claims happened on the night of Feb. 26 when he shot and killed the teenager.

In addition, an eyewitness, 13-year-old Austin Brown, told police he saw a man fitting Zimmerman's description lying on the grass moaning and crying for help just seconds before he heard the gunshot that killed Martin.
The fact remains that we don't have all the facts as the left continues to manufacture false realities.

When Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot early last year, the mainstream media thought it had the perfect political narrative; a deranged Tea Party conservative was driven over the edge by Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin's target chart.

Again, Uh, not so much. Jared Loughner was apolitical at best and if he wasn't, he was a deranged leftist who listed the Communist manifesto as one of his favorite books.

h/t Free Republic

Santorum says he's open to being Romney's running mate

In an interview with David Brody, Rick Santorum said he would be open to being Romney's pick for Vice President. If Santorum is given the benefit of the doubt, this may be nothing more than an attempt at a reset in the wake of a manufactured media narrative that said Santorum would support Obama over Romney. However, if Santorum is saying that he would take the number two slot instead of a brokered convention, that's something else entirely.

Via Christian Post:
Rick Santorum has shown he is a tireless campaigner and is the number one choice of evangelical voters. Now the former Pennsylvania senator is saying he is open to the idea of filling the nation's number two slot if his fellow GOP front-runner secures the party's nomination.

In a Monday interview with CBN's David Brody, when Santorum was asked if he would consider running alongside Mitt Romney as the vice presidential nominee, he gave an affirmative reply.

"Of course," Santorum told Brody. "I mean, look. I would do in this race as I always say, this is the most important race in our country's history. I'm going to do everything I can."
So, is that an attempt to re-calibrate in the face of accusations that Santorum thinks Romney is no better than Obama or is Rick hinting that he didn't learn from his Arlen Specter endorsement?

If this primary continues on its current trajectory, it will reach a point where there will only be two possibilities:
  1. Mitt Romney is the nominee
  2. Brokered convention
Is Rick Santorum saying he would prevent #2 by ensuring #1 by being on the ticket? If so, it would be the Arlen Specter endorsement redux. It could also likely be perceived by his evangelical supporters as a colossal compromise of principles. In fact, if Romney is the worst possible candidate the Republicans could put up against Obama, a Romney/Santorum ticket would only make Romney worse, in light of why Santorum's supporters are behind him.

The flip side to this is the Romney campaign. They may have their collective heart set on Marco Rubio but if faced with the "specter" of a brokered convention or a Romney/Santorum ticket, my guess is that ego could win the day.

Kinda like a game show where you have $1 Million in hand and can go home or risk it all for $2 Million. Whaddya do?

If Santorum were to avoid a brokered convention by teaming up with a guy he has publicly stated offers no real contrast to Obama, what will that say?

I know what it will say to me - Arlen Specter redux in the name of doing what's best for the party. 

Video: Obama's 'Hot mic' incident with Russia's Medvedev

While in South Korea, President Barack Obama was caught on a 'hot mic' asking outgoing Russian President Dimitri Medvedev to give him some "space" until after the "election," that he'll have "more flexibility" then. In this CBS news report, Bill Plante says the administration had to concede that Obama said what he said. That may actually be the most surprising aspect to all of this, especially considering Jay Carney's incessant attempts to spin other obvious facts.

Here is video from Obama from 2008 in which he pledged a world "without nuclear weapons." Of course, there is no possible way he is naive enough to believe that if the United States disarms, everyone else will too. Assuming he's not that naive, why would he disarm the United States while other nations continue to build more?

After all, Russia has a storied history of being honest, right?

Of course, I continue to get back to Mitt Romney's electability. As I have maintained for some time now, the liberal media WANTS Romney to be the Republican nominee for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is his religion.

The Republican Party candidates in 2012 have all been thoroughly vetted from practically every angle with one exception. Romney's religion has gotten a pass. That is not by accident. If he is the nominee, the media will destroy him over it and the inability for Republicans who support him to see it boggles the mind. The mainstream media is chomping at the bit to do to Romney what it did not do to Obama over the latter's ties to Jeremiah Wright - and it will probably work.

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