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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Evidence Bachmann is right: Muslim Brotherhood calls charges 'Ridiculous'

This is an incredibly laughable piece over at Slate, which posts a link to the original story at Global Post. The logic is that somehow a credible source to debunk Michele Bachmann's charges that the Muslim Brotherhood could be infiltrating the U.S. Government is... the Muslim Brotherhood.

From Slate via Global Post:
Michele Bachmann has again ignited a political firestorm in the US, claiming last week that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has “infiltrated the highest levels of US government,” including the White House.

The Muslim Brotherhood's response?

“I haven’t heard these rumors, but they strike me as ridiculous,” said Ahmed Al Nahhas, a long-time Brotherhood activist and leader in Egypt’s second-largest city, Alexandria. “Surely the United States government selects its employees very carefully.”
 Al Hahhas wasn't the only Brotherhood activist heard from:
“The Muslim Brotherhood can’t even penetrate the Egyptian government,” said a Brotherhood leader in Egypt’s Daqheleya province, Ibrahim Ali Iraqi, in response to the accusations his group had infiltrated top US agencies.

Indeed, having assumed the presidency following a year of economic tumult and political upheaval, the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi is grappling with severe domestic problems — not least of which is his battle with the ruling military for executive power.

“We are in a period of darkness because the country is still governed by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces — and they have a long history of support from the United States,” Iraqi said. “So it’s ridiculous that these accusations are leveled at us.”
When a bank robber is caught running from a bank, wearing a ski mask, holding a bag of money from a bank that has just been robbed two blocks away, isn't he going to try to make the claim that it's ridiculous to accuse him of robbing banks?

The answer is yes and this is a "ridiculous" attempt at credible reporting.

Huma Report UPDATE: Huma Abedin served on Editorial Board with Al-Qaeda Godfather

I hate deleting posts but thought it best in this case to delete from yesterday that linked to the initial report on Huma Abedin's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and replace it with this one to avoid confusion. Yesterday, a report was published on the Shoebat website that exposes the ties of Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff - Huma Abedin. Since that report was posted, additional bombshell discoveries have been made and they've been incorporated into the new, revised report (I refer you to pp. 14-15 specifically).

Among the discoveries...
  1. Huma Abedin served as Associate Editor on the Editorial Board of IMMA from at least 12/02/02 - 9/24/08
  2. Al-Qaeda Godfather Abdullah Omar Naseef served on IMMA's Advisory Editorial Board from at least 12/02/02 - 12/03/03. This means, unequivocally, that Huma Abedin worked with Naseef for at least one year.
  3. On October 12, 2001 the U.S. Treasury Department identified Naseef as being connected to Al-Qaeda, more than two years before Naseef left IMMA and Huma continued to serve.
Paging John Boehner, John McCain and all the rest of you spineless establishment Republicans.

Here is the Revised Report

This might just become the official theme song for this scandal.

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