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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Video Outrage: EPA Official channels ancient Romans; advocates Crucifying Oil Companies

This video is from 2010 and it validates much of what we already know about the bureaucratic minions that operate inside the Obama administration but an extremely crude and graphic metaphor is used here by EPA Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz. While admitting that his analogy is "crude," Armendariz proceeds to repeat it here.

In this video, this pathetic EPA bureaucrat compares what he does to what the Romans did when they went into a town or village; they randomly captured five people and crucified them so that the rest of the town would fall in line.

Alinsky tactics on steroids. Perhaps a Nazi metaphor that describes what Armendariz is advocating is in order.

Since that video was released, Armendariz has made a feeble attempt at an apology.

Via the Washington Times:
A top official at the Environmental Protection Agency has apologized after being captured on video saying his agency’s method of enforcing oil and gas regulations was to find a few bad actors to “crucify” and hold up as examples.

“I apologize to those I have offended and regret my poor choice of words,” Region 6 EPA Administrator Al Armendariz said in a statement first provided to the Daily Caller. “It was an offensive and inaccurate way to portray our efforts to address potential violations of our nation’s environmental laws. I am and have always been committed to fair and vigorous enforcement of those laws.”
That was from the heart, wasn't it?

h/t Weasel Zippers 

Filmmaker claims evidence that Frank Marshall Davis was Barack Obama's Father

Consider this to be a new angle for the Birthers to pursue. There has been speculation over the years, from various sources, that Barack Obama's father was actually Communist Party USA member, Frank Marshall Davis. If such a charge can be proven, it would necessarily mean that Barack Obama knowingly and intentionally produced a fraudulent Birth Certificate both before he was elected and again last year, when Donald Trump pressed the issue.

The Fraudulent Birth Certificate meme that has been floating around since Sheriff Joe Arpaio got involved seems to be one that is getting more traction than the narrative that Obama was born in Kenya. Below is a trailer from a film that is going to be released in July called, Dreams from my REAL Father.

Hypothetical, yes, but if it were to be proven that Davis was Barack Obama's real father, it would mean that Obama was eligible to be president only before presenting a Birth Certificate that stated his father was Barack Obama, Sr. After doing that, he would be guilty of a felony.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence put forth in this video is a claim that there were multiple nude photos of Obama's mother - Stanley Ann Dunham - taken inside the home of Frank Marshall Davis about the same time the president would have been conceived.

All that to say, Barack Obama is truly a victim if any of this is true. He had no say in who his father was or how traumatic such a revelation may have been for him. However, that would not excuse him from committing an impeachable offense by presenting a fraudulent identification document as authentic, if that's indeed what has happened.

The evidence that the Birth Certificate produced last year is fraudulent is the most compelling yet in this whole saga. Arpaio says there is probable cause that it is a forgery. If that can be proven, the next question that needs to be answered is, why?

Worth a watch if nothing else.

Video: Jimmy Carter prefers Romney over other Republicans

Can we now officially put a stake through the argument that Democrats feared Romney the most of any of the Republican candidates? When Jimmy Carter waits until Romney all but locks up the nomination to publicly state that of all the Republican nominees, Romney is his preference, we have a problem.

At some point, the Republican establishment must graduate from being dupes to being accomplices.

h/t Hot Air

Catholic Bishops hitting the Streets over Contraception, in June

Catholic Bishops penned strong letters expressing their disapproval of Obama's HHS contraception mandate earlier this year. Though there has been a consistent murmur of disagreement since, there has been little action. That is all set to change on June 21st, as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will be taking their righteous anger to the streets.

Via Newsmax:
The protests, dubbed “A Fortnight for Freedom” will be an “unprecedented, aggressive attack” against policies that church leaders see as an assault on religious freedom, said Catholic Advocate chairman Deal Hudson.

“The bishops are seeing – rightly – a pattern of emerging of hostility towards the Catholic faith for upholding protection of the life of the unborn and because of its position on contraception,” said Hudson.

And Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League pointed out to Newsmax that the protests will come around the time the Supreme Court issues its judgment on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Unless the justices throw the act out completely, the protests could not be timed better, he said.

“If the individual mandate falls and the rest stands it will be more important than ever for Catholics to step forward and get involved,” said Donohue. “We will have to make the point that we are not going anywhere.”

Donohue said the mandate to make insurance companies cover not only contraceptives but abortion-inducing drugs is the key, he said. “It was done on purpose as a wedge to open the door. If we don’t fight it the next step is to force Catholic hospitals to provide abortion facilities,” he said.

“The idea that I as a Catholic should have to pay for some woman’s abortion makes me want to reach for the vomit bag.”

Donohue praised the bishops for their proactive stance “if for no other reason than to make the point that they are furious,” he said.

“Over the years there have been times when the resolve of the bishops wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be. Today that resolve is extremely strong,” he said.

The two weeks of protest has been called by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “That is not the type of body that goes out of its way to pick a fight,” Catholic Advocate’s Hudson pointed out.

“That is precisely what makes this so unusual a moment. The bishops have been provoked to such a degree that they will go to this extreme. They would prefer quiet negotiations leading to a principled compromise, instead they are talking about the probability of civil disobedience.”
The article goes on to make the point that Catholic Bishops in robes being put in handcuffs all across the country would be an extremely powerful visual for Obama to have to deal with. OWS'rs love to portray themselves as victims of overzealous police officers; it's why they're so provocative. That said, their tactics have grown tiresome.

If you're Catholic, call your priest or Bishop and ask about how they're participating.

Read it all.

Video: Black Male arrested in near beating death of White Male in Alabama

Here is an update to this story about a group of black adults and children who nearly beat a white man to death near Mobile, AL. Terry Rawls, a black male with a criminal history (assault victim has one as well), was arrested for participating in the beating of Matthew Owens, who is in critical condition.

It looks like the District Attorney in the case is pressing the Feds to look into whether or not a hate crime took place. In contradiction to earlier reports, police are now saying that reports of witnesses who claim they heard members of the mob reference Trayvon Martin, are false and that the high profile Florida case had nothing to do with Owens' beating.

Via WRKG, h/t GWP:
Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich says her office met with the U.S. Attorney, FBI and the police department about the Matthew Owens beating case.

They want the feds to decide whether a hate crime was committed.

Owens was beaten by a mob of 20 people Saturday night across the street from his sister's house on Delmar Drive. Despite witnesses telling News 5 that one of the attackers said "This is justice for Trayvon" after the beating, police say the shooting of the unarmed teenager in Sanford, Florida was not the reason for this attack.

"I can tell you this without a doubt, 100% certainty, that Trayvon Martin was not the motivating factor in this incident," says Cpl. Chris Levy.

Deputy Chief Lester Hargrove says investigators believe only four people, including Terry Rawls, were directly involved. They believe the rest of the mob just watched.

Police say the beating is the result of a three year neighborhood dispute between Rawls and Owens.
As this case has unfolded, it's fair to say that Owens doesn't appear to be anywhere close to being a saint. If reports that he threatened the kids with knives are correct, the case takes on an entirely new dimension. That said, mobs are never the answer and Rawls was rightly arrested. If Owens threatened those kids, he should be arrested as well - after he recovers.

Another fact remains. The racially charged environment created, in part, by the media is not the least bit helpful. It has made people hypersensitive about cases like this one. This story likely would not have gotten the national attention it has, had it not been for what the media, Al Sharpton, et. al. have done with the Trayvon Martin case.

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