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Monday, November 17, 2008

Here are some dots to connect:

Dot 1. Larry Grathwohl was the only successful FBI Informant to penetrate Weather Underground (William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn). In 1982, he recalls a meeting with WU leaders (Ayers among them), in which re-education camps were discussed. It was estimated that 25 million people who couldn't be re-educated would have to be killed.

Here's Grathwohl in 1982:

(his status as the only FBI informant to penetrate WU is backed up by New York Times and Time Magazine among others)

Dot 2. Ayers and Dorhn are Un-repentent and as recently as 2002, Ayers said he considers himself a marxist and an anarchist while being "VERY OPEN" about it.

Here's a link to that 2002 interview:

Dot 3. The relationship between Obama and Ayers is much closer than anyone on the left wants to admit. In fact, they shared a business address (with Maoist Communist Mike Klonsky) for three years (1995-1998) at 115 South Sangamon St. (3rd floor) in Chicago.

Here are screen shots of the building, websites, letters, and tax returns that prove it:

Dot 4. Community Organizing was founded by a man named Saul Alinsky in Chicago. A man whose model of Community Organizing is what Barack Obama followed. Alinsky also dedicated his last book to Lucifer. Something else of note here. Hillary Clinton was from Chicago and apparently also revered Alinsky, writing her senior thesis on him.

Dot 5. Alinsky is attributed with the founding of "radicalism" and would no doubt be proud of William Ayers, a professed marxist and anarchist. That puts the Clintons, Obamas, and Ayers collectively closer to Saul Alinsky.

Dot 6. In 1999, Bill Clinton signed off on a contract with Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR) on a series of one year optional contracts (which Bush consequently continued) to have detention camps built all across the United States in the event of "an emergency influx of immigrants in the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs."

Here's the link to the "liberal" San Francisco Chronicle article from 2/4/08 (also take note of the reference to rail cars and shackles):

Since Bush was the one in office, I'm assuming their fears were about him. Now that he's leaving and all of these detention camps sit empty, are they still concerned?

Dot 7. Remember Dot #1. Grathwohl said he was present when he heard Weather Underground Leadership say they wanted to build "Re-education centers" and that millions of capitalists would have to be "eliminated". I take you to just before Bill Clinton left office. Included in his flurry of pardons were two people serving VERY LONG sentences for their crimes while members of the WEATHER UNDERGROUND.

Here's the link to the January 21, 2001 article in the NEW YORK TIMES:

For the record, Linda Evans personally took part in the bombing of the U.S. Capitol and Clinton pardoned her!

Dot 8. This past July, Barack Obama gave a speech advocating a "civilan police force", meant to be as strong as the military.

Remember those detention camps all across the country? Still empty despite more illegal aliens and terrorists in our country than ever before.

Dot 9. Rahm Emanuel, the man Barack Obama made his Chief of Staff, wrote a book in 2006 called, "The Plan" in which he advocates mandatory civilian service for everyone between the ages of 18-26.

Dot 10. The unthinkable?

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