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Monday, June 29, 2009

Video: Obama's Vicarious Read My Lips Moment

Wow. H/T to Hot Air

Remember the campaign pledge that people making UNDER $250k / year would not see a tax increase?

Well, today WH Press Secretary and Word Fumbler Robert Gibbs was forced to respond to the question, "Is that pledge still active?".

Gibbs response?

"UHHH......We're going to let the process work it's way through it."

Work it's way through it?

Gotta give Obama credit for learning from Bush Sr. though. Unlike George H.W. Bush, who said "Read my Lips" and then had to explain it away, THIS 'Read My Lips Moment' didn't actually come from Obama's lips. It came from someone we've grown accustomed to seeing have trouble moving his lips while getting coherent sentences to come out from between them.

Aren't you starting to feel sorry for Mr. Gibbs? He's got to be miserable if he's honest.


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