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Monday, July 20, 2009

Brian Williams: The Most Shameless Man in America

Folks, saying I cannot get excited about honoring Walter Cronkite would be an understatement. In fact, I'd be willing to give Michael Jackson more of my time. Walter Cronkite undermined our military and our war effort in Vietnam. There's no telling how many American soldiers died as a direct result of Cronkite's deceptive and manipulative reporting.

Now we have Brian Williams who is neck and neck with Chris Matthews for the "Most Shameless Man In America" Award. Williams appeared on Larry King and had this shameless message about his reverence for Cronkite:
I announced my intention to my family, apparently, at the age of 8, that he was the man I wanted to be. And this was the profession I wanted. And I have lived such a charmed life that I got the chance to explain that to Walter and tell him that and make it clear. And just was able to breathe the air he exhaled and know him a little bit, as friends.
Hey Brian, you breathed the air Cronkite exhaled? UGH. So how close did you really get to Walter? Was it closer than this?

Considering that Cronkite was a globalist, I was struck by how many times Williams referenced the words, "universe", "world", "air", "globe", and "space".
I did discover the globe behind him was just kind of a lime green and a wood model of the -- of the earth, and he sat at a mundane white Formica wrap-around desk. But to me, as a little kid, as a viewer who watched him narrate the cold war, the space program, the Vietnam War, it was the center of the universe from small-town America.
I personally find this glorification of another man to be more than just a little disturbing.

Williams simply couldn't help himself:
Again, just to have known him, to occupy this same space just means the world.
SNAP OUT OF IT, MAN! You're like a teenager ogling over Hannah Montana, who is actually more deserving.

Speaking of "earth" and worldly things, perhaps Williams should take the time to look at this despicable award being presented to Cronkite in 1999 along with his despicable acceptance speech.

Not only did Walter Cronkite attempt to deceive the American people during the Vietnam War but he was also a globalist. Check out this video (you will need to use external force to keep your jaw shut, especially when you see what Mr. Cronkite had to say about Satan). Watch all the way to the end and guess who honors him via satellite (you may or may not be shocked but it speaks volumes either way).

h/t to NewsBusters for the Williams story.

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