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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pallywood In Honduras!

After watching the Richard Landes film "Pallywood", you'll soon realize that the Palestinians have cornered the market on Melodrama. Whenever they can find a camera or a news crew, it's show time! They're all seemingly in a race to catch the camera's attention by playing out scripts whose plots are always rooted in some perceived Israeli oppression.

Just to set the stage for what's going on in Honduras, here is Landes' outstanding film..

Now, onto Honduras...

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection appears to be all over a Pallywood recreation in Honduras. Who is it that is mimicking the Palestinians? Well, of course, the supporters of deposed president Manuel Zelaya. The same Zelaya that the Obama administration is backing.

What's more is that CNN appears to have fallen for it. In 2000, as Landes points out, it was 60 Minutes who sacrificed legitimate journalism for acting that didn't measure up to a B movie.

CNN ran with a story of a Honduran protestor / Zelaya supporter covered in blood. Blood he says came from a boy that died in his arms. The problem is that he was photographed wiping blood off the ground and then onto his shirt, knowing that a camera wouldn't be far behind.

It wasn't.

Not only that but have a look at the guy in the lefthand portion of this photo. Donning Palestinian-like headress, I can't tell if he's with Hamas or Fatah.

You would think at some point, CNN would realize the joke is on them and that their antics cause them to come across as inept, shameless, and corrupt journalists.

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