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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

VIDEO: Graham Hits Sotomayor Hard

I was very critical of Lindsey Graham about a month ago when he said, "To call her (Sotomayor) a racist is out of bounds". He came across as wimpy and then trumped himself when he suggested she should apologize for her "inappropriate" comments about a "wise latina woman" having better judgment than a "white male".

That said, he did well today. You DON'T have to tell me that Senate hearings are shows for constituents and that Graham was probably throwing some red meat to those who took the time to file complaints with his office. He Still did well and his efforts may have far-reaching consequences.

If you watch none of this video, do yourself a favor and watch from 14:45 and don't stop until you've seen three minutes. It is the quintessential rebuke to reverse discrimination and Sotomayor is the rightful target.

NOTE: Did you catch the part of the exchange when Graham attempted to read the "Wise Latina" quote aloud but couldn't find the document containing it and asked Sotomayor if she remembered it. When she said, "yes", he asked her to recite it (because he couldn't locate it). I'd like to give him credit for an attempt to get her to give us the visual image (with live audio) of her repeating those comments but likely just an inadvertent misplacement.

At that point, Sotomayor knew that the video recording of her reciting the infamous quote again (regardless of context) would have been dagger-esque so she sat there with a rather dumb look on her face for a few moments. If Graham would have held out a little longer, he may have either created a very uncomfortable situation for Sotomayor OR gotten her to recite her racist comment for the EIGHTH time.

Oh well, he did ok anyway.

h/t to Hot Air

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