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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Whenever Aaron Klein writes something, I always make a point to read it because he's out in front of so many things. Today, he writes about Barack Obama's new pastor, Rev. Jim Wallis. Obama long ago racked up a long list of radicals he affiliated with and he still got elected. Here's another one.

Klein writes:
Wallis began his activism as a protester and then later Michigan leader of the Students for a Democratic Society, the 1960's antiwar group from which Bill Ayers' Weatherman domestic terrorist organization splintered.

Discover the Networks said that as a theology student, Wallis founded an anti-capitalism magazine called the Post-American, which identified wealth redistribution and government-managed economies as the keys to achieving "social justice."
A pastor tied to Bill Ayers? How can that be possible? Wallis also founded a magazine that has published the writings of other radicals, including the man who founded the brand of theology practiced by Jeremiah Wright:
Sojourners has published a slew of radicals, including socialist activist Cornel West and James Cone, considered the founder of Black Liberation Theology, which spawned the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor of nearly 20 years.
Klein ends with a quote from Wallis when he appeared on MSNBC:
"The God of the Bible is the God of justice," he said. "Though the poor are in the center of God's concern... Poverty breaks the heart of God. And it breaks the heart of the church. So, this is about Christians who may disagree on politics. Republicans, Democrats, it doesn't matter. Left or right. We have different views on the role of government. Doesn't matter, But justice is integral to the gospel."
As Glenn Beck would likely say, Wallis doesn't seem to understand charity (unless it's with other people's money). I would love to hear Wallis' interpretation of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25.

By the way, speaking of Glenn Beck, he claimed on his radio show to have the goods on Wallis. I think another Van Jones-type shoe is about ready to drop. The video below is five minutes but the relevant portion is the 2nd half.

Via the Right Scoop:

Glenn Beck to Jim Wallis: The Hammer is Coming
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WND has Klein's entire piece.

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