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Monday, April 26, 2010


Al Sharpton isn't just calling for "civil disobedience" in response to the passage of the new state law in Arizona (S1070) signed by Governor Jan Brewer (R). He's also comparing its passage to Nazism, Apartheid, and Jim Crow.

Via the New York Daily News:
New York activists, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, compared Arizona's new immigration law to apartheid, Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South - and vowed to shut it down with mass protests.

"We will bring Freedom Walkers to Arizona just like Freedom Riders went to the deep south 50 years ago," Sharpton said yesterday.
PAGING BILL CLINTON! PAGING BILL CLINTON! Last week, Clinton compared the Tea Party Movement's anger with the anger that caused the Oklahoma Bombing. Not only was the motivation for the OK City bombing actually Bill Clinton's handling of the Branch Davidian compound two years earlier but he blamed talk radio.

Just last week, Clinton warned that the Tea Party movement could be responsible for some future event. Don't hold your breath waiting for Clinton to publicly denounce Al Sharpton's extremely incendiary words that could inflame the situation in Arizona. Also, unlike the Tea Party movement which has been peaceful and law-abiding, Sharpton is advocating civil disobedience on the part of his marchers to the point of being arrested:
Standing with local clergy, elected officials and a leader of the Hispanic Federation, Sharpton said he would mobilize people from across the country to march in Arizona - and get arrested, if necessary - to stop the controversial new law.
The hypocrisy of the left is beyond palpable at this point. Al Sharpton is literally inflaming tensions by advocating non-peaceful assembly and behavior that will lead to arrests. Perhaps Bill Clinton should come out and publicly warn Mr. Sharpton.

h/t to Gateway Pundit

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