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Sunday, May 23, 2010


My latest column is posted over at the American Thinker and is about the percolating scandal involving Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) and his admission in February that the White House offered him a job in return for his dropping out of the primary with Arlen Specter. Sestak's defeat of Specter presents a significant problem for both himself and the White House because if his claim - which he refuses to explain in detail - is true, it would implicate the White House in the commission of a felony.

After writing the column, I noticed that I referred to Sestak being interviewed on KDKA 1020 in Pittsburgh by Mike Pintek but didn't give any details of it. For the record, on May 19th, Pintek confronted Sestak on this issue for two minutes - after having interviewed Pat Toomey - and Sestak bungled it; big time. I will be playing those two minutes on my May 23rd show so be sure to check the radio show archives and download the podcast.

Via American Thinker:
May 23, 2010
Will Toomey Play Hardball with Sestak?
Ben Barrack

When Joe Sestak defeated Arlen Specter to secure the Democratic nomination for Senator of Pennsylvania, you could almost feel the White House cringe. Although it's too early to say that Sestak's loose lips in a February media interview with Larry Kane could sink the Obama administration's ship, his primary win almost certainly has the White House scrambling for sandbags to reinforce the stonewall.

Sestak clammed up in that interview after admitting that someone in the administration offered him a job in July to drop out of the primary -- presumably, that job was Secretary of the Navy. The problem is that the claim implicates the administration in the commission of at least one felony and Sestak could be implicating himself in the misprision of a felony as long as he remains silent about what job was offered and who offered it.

Republican candidate Pat Toomey is now running against Sestak and told KDKA radio's Mike Pintek on May 19th that he will run his campaign like he's twenty points down in what is, on paper a close race. If he means that, perhaps he should shine the spotlight on this scandal now that he is on a national stage.

On its face, a strategy that involves calling national media attention...
Click HERE to read entire column.

HERE is the U.S. Statue involved.

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