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Saturday, May 22, 2010


The protagonist in the film, 'Machete' is played by Danny Trejo. His character is a hero to the illegal aliens in the United States. In the film, he is recruited to assassinate a U.S. Senator - played by Robert DeNiro - who is cracking down on illegal immigration. Trejo ends up being shot himself and proceeds to take out his vengeance on those who did him wrong. The film was directed by Robert Rodriguez and shot in Austin, TX.

The trailer served as a lightning rod for controversy, starting off with Trejo delivering a Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona. The fallout from that has been significant. Rodriguez is known for his controversial statements and films but it appears the heat from the backlash may be getting to him.

Breitbart's Big Hollywood has the story courtesy of an interview with Rodriguez that involved questions about the trailer:
Rodriguez’s response to the uproar that followed the release of this trailer?: Just kiddin’! According to him, it’s not the actual movie that’s all about ginning up racial divisions … just the trailer, I guess.

You know, three minutes of race baiting, but thankfully not ninety.

You gotta love the way the Hollywood mind works.

But as with all things Leftist Hollywood, you have to look and read closely. The backlash was obviously unexpected and so Rodriguez poses as the innocent and tries to laugh the whole thing off as a misunderstanding. But buried deep in a rather tortured explanation and disguised as a throwaway is the real story:

RODRIGUEZ: I will admit that there were a few scenes that became so real in the past month because of what’s going on that they’ll be best left as a fascinating case study for the DVD extras. This will be my best DVD special features to date, that’s for sure.
Be sure to read it all because Rodriguez demonstrates that he is quite uncomfortable when held accountable. For far too long, these far left whack jobs have experienced no real consequences for their actions. We're seeing that there is a level of public pressure that can have an impact on these people. Go figure. It doesn't involve intimidation or threats - just truth and accountability.

Here's that lovely trailer too..


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