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Sunday, May 16, 2010


The McAllen Monitor is reporting that for the third time, a Mexican military helicopter has been spotted in U.S. airspace. The questions that immediately come to mind are: What are they doing in American air space and what are we doing about it?

Via the Monitor:
ROMA — U.S. Border Patrol agents spotted a Mexican military helicopter hovering over U.S. territory on Saturday.

Agents saw the helicopter near the Roma-Miguel Alemán International Bridge about midday, said Rick Pauza, a spokesman with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
In light of the immigration debate heating up in Texas - thanks to Arizona SB 1070 - wouldn't you love to see Texas Gov. Rick Perry or Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst come out forcefully on this one? They're both on the record as saying a law similar to Arizona's wouldn't be right for Texas. Perhaps Mexican military helicopters flying over their state would be a good opportunity for them to explain why.

How about those other two times when Mexican military helicopters crossed the border?
Earlier this year, what appeared to be a Mexican helicopter was seen flying over RV parks on the southwest outskirts of Zapata, a small town about 100 miles northwest of McAllen near the Rio Grande.

A similar incident occurred March 10, when a Mexican navy helicopter was spotted crossing the border near Falcon Dam in Zapata County and then returned to Mexico without landing. CBP confirmed an agent spotted the helicopter that day.
I've seen reports in the past where U.S. military and Mexican military have teamed up tactically but things like this should be clarified for the American people. Covert operations while engaged in the good fight is one thing but seeing foreign military vehicles in American airspace without a full explanation is quite another. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who represents that area is saying that the Mexican government is fighting crime like the U.S. government is and occasionally crosses into U.S. airspace. I'm not real comfortable with that one for multiple reasons.

Here is a video news report about the incident from CBS website:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

h/t to Free Republic

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