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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The unmasking of the left continues. It is truly amazing to watch liberal arguments play out. While discussing Helen Thomas' comments about Jews needing to go back to Germany and Poland, giving up their country to Palestinians, Rosie O'Donnell wonders aloud, 'what's the problem with that?' Helen Thomas said nothing wrong, right? At that point, O'Donnell makes the argument - I guess - that it's safe to go back to Germany and Poland because there are no more ovens. I guess the underlying problem of anti-semitism in Europe is a long gone distant memory as well, right Rosie?

Lost on O'Donnell is the fact that Israel has a documented history of its existence in the land she wants them to give up. It starts in the Book of Genesis. Also lost on this whack job is that Israel was on the winning side of WWII and was granted statehood as a result. Using Rosie's logic, she should leave the United States and go back to Ireland. Come to think of it.....

via Radio Equalizer:

Only one day earlier, Rosie called for an Executive Order to seize the assets of British Petroleum. So she's an anti-semitic socialist. Rosie, thanks for letting us know who you are. On one level, I have a newfound respect for you. We now know where you stand.

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