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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As video released by Israel continues to vindicate their claims that they were attacked by the thugs on the boats in the flotilla that was attempting to storm the Gaza blockade, we're learning more about the group in that flotilla. Writer Aaron Klein, who reports from Israel and is very close to what's going on there.

Now we learn that the group behind the Flotilla, Free Gaza Movement, has had the help of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Code Pink's Jodie Evans.

Klein reports:
The flotilla was organized by the Free Gaza Movement, a coalition of leftist human rights activists and pro-Palestinian groups engaged in attempts to break a blockade imposed by Israel on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Ayers, Dohrn and Evans' Code Pink have led several recent Free Gaza Movement initiatives, including attempted marches into the Gaza Strip. Dorhn was in the Middle East just last month on behalf of the movement.
According to Klein, the trio also pushed for Egypt to allow protesters into Gaza several months ago from Egypt. They then relied on a letter from none other than John Kerry.
The three helped to stir riots after the Egyptian government refused to allow a large number of protesters to enter neighboring Gaza. Eventually, the protesters accepted an Egyptian offer of allowing about 100 marchers into Gaza. Once in the territory, those marchers were reportedly met on the Gaza side by Hamas' former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

At the time of the march, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., wrote a letter in support of a "humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts" to Gaza. Members of Ayers', Dohrn and Evans' group documented on their blogs how Kerry's letter was used at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo while attempting to pressure Egypt to let their group into Gaza.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that Obama's sympathies are with groups aligned against Israel.

Be sure to read the WHOLE THING.

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