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Friday, June 4, 2010


Sorry for two consecutive posts involving Glenn Beck but it couldn't be helped. To Beck's credit, he has been very outspoken in support of Israel defending itself against the flotilla of thugs that attempted to break Israel's blockade. A prominent politician in Europe - Geert Wilders - has been alone in his support of Israel within the political leadership of the Netherlands. This is significant because Glenn Beck implied back in March that Wilders might be put in power by fascists.

As I wrote at the time, Beck - for all the good he does - was very unfair to Wilders. Dutch News is now reporting that Wilders is not only an outspoken supporter of Israel's handling of the flotilla but that he's alone in doing so:
MPs from across the political spectrum, even those traditionally supportive of Israel, have said they were shocked by Israel's actions.

'Everything points to the fact that it is not right what Israel has done,' the Volkskrant reports VVD MP Atzo Nicolai as saying. Unless Israel comes up with a convincing story, an international inquiry will be unavoidable, he said.

However, PVV MP Geert Wilders said it is 'cheap' to attack Israel. 'I am certainly not going to make a cheap attack on Israel by howling in the woods with the rest of the wolves,' he told tv show Nova.

Israel was fully justified in entering the ships to see if they were also carrying weapons, he said.
The foreign affairs minister went so far as to say he wants the Israeli ambassador to appear in The Hague to answer questions.

Again, Beck does far more good than anyone else in television these days but when he's wrong, he should be corrected. Given his position on Israel lately, it is time for him to stand with Geert Wilders. To refresh your memory, here is Beck talking about Wilders back in March.

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