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Saturday, June 26, 2010


My first reaction to this was apoplexy at the fact that the AFL-CIO actually has a chief economist. The whole concept seems oxymoronic since these people have proven time and again that they don't even know where money comes from. Nonetheless, Fox's Neil Cavuto has an interview with Ron Blackwell, who holds that very position. The level of frustration coming from Cavuto is more than warranted. In fact, it gets so palpable that he rhetorically asks Blackwell if he got his degree from a 'Baking School'.

Perhaps most revealing about Blackwell's lack of qualifications is that he doesn't whip out the name of the highly reputable institution he did come from, which would have immediately made Cavuto look foolish. Instead, he calls Neil an "A**hole" which actually makes Cavuto's frustration justified.

The essence of Blackwell's argument - I think - is that the $787 Billion stimulus prevented much worse conditions but he can't explain how. At the heart of Cavuto's frustration is Blackwell's ignorance of - or refusal to acknowledge - very basic economic principles.

Some may say Cavuto is badgering but this guy Blackwell makes so little sense, I thought Cavuto went easy on him.

h/t to Hot Air

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