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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As the oil at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico continues to spew, keeping it in the news, more and more layers to the overall story seem to be getting simultaneously peeled back. The latest installment includes the relationship between current Energy Secretary Steven Chu and BP in 2007. Almost equally disturbing is the support for Cap & Trade on the part of disgraced BP Executive Tony Hayward at the same time.

First, the video of Chu in 2007, courtesy of Verum Serum. Take note of how Chu says that his partnership with BP will actually "Help Save the World".

Uh, Steve, how's that whole "save the world" thing working out?

Now on to Hayward. Taken directly from the BP website, Hayward had quite the affinity for Cap and Trade as recently as 2007. Hayward's own words - thanks again to VS:
From BP’s perspective, the evidence that climate change is happening, and that it is manmade, is mounting all the time. As the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has found, the evidence is almost overwhelming. We could wait until the science is 100% certain, but BP believes that, as an energy company, it has a duty to act pre-emptively. When you balance the likely impacts of not taking action against the real opportunities that exist to take action, it is difficult to believe that humanity will not move towards a solution to climate change…

We need to ensure that the costs of emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are included in the price we pay for everything – whether it be a television, a train journey, or switching on a light – all should reflect the cost of emissions in their price.

This can be achieved through a Cap and Trade system, taxation, or regulation.
Time for another quick rundown of some very pertinent facts.

* In 2007, BP's Hayward and Energy Secretary Chu were partnered up to "save the world" through a scenario that relied heavily on Cap and Trade.

* Over the last 20 years, BP has given more in campaign contributions to Barack Obama than any other political candidate.

* Last week, BP agreed to give Obama $20 Billion with no cap.

Do the words "incestuous relationship" come to mind?

* Beginning on February 13th, BP was communicating with MMS about the red flags that led to the actual April 20th explosion.

* In March, Obama announced plans to explore offshore drilling expansion.

* The explosion happened on April 20th.

* Obama subsequently called for a six month moratorium on offshore drilling.

* On June 22nd, a Federal Judge in Louisiana struck down Obama's moratorium. Almost immediately, Obama appealed the ruling.

There's not just a mess in the Gulf. There's a mess in the White House.

h/t to Verum Serum

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