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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Obama Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is featured in a 30 second PSA, in which she blatantly says that undocumented workers (illegal aliens) in the United States should be paid honest wages. How ironic. Solis is overtly advocating that illegal alien workers should feel justified in demanding something they're not eligible for in the first place, not to mention her outward rejection the law of the land while encouraging the furtherance of illegal behavior on the part of employers.

If this message isn't sanctioned by the White House, Solis should be fired. The fact she is not is actually an indictment of the Obama administration. Technically speaking, Solis is overtly advocating law-breaking. See for yourself and then let's talk Joe Wilson.

We all remember Joe Wilson's two famous words on September 9, 2009. He yelled, "You Lie!" directly at Obama. Do you remember what Obama said that Wilson specifically responded to? Wilson took umbrage with Obama's claim that his health care plan would not pay for illegals. In light of Solis' remarks that illegals working in the United States should be paid fairly - and assuming Obama agrees with her - why wouldn't health care apply as well?

Wilson continues to age like a fine wine...

h/t to Hot Air

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