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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


From the guy who took down ACORN - James O'Keefe - we see courtesy of another one of his video expose's that the U.S. Census is more concerned with pleasing those in its employ than it is in paying for an honest day's work. O'Keefe, who got a job with the U.S. Census discovered that his bosses were much more frivolous with taxpayer dollars than private sector business owners would be with their own.

Welcome to the inherent problems of socialism. The upside for the Census workers is that they think their bosses are "cool". The downside for taxpayers is that they're getting ripped off. Not only is O'Keefe informed that he is to fill out his time sheet before his work is completed but he is dismissed early without having to correct his time sheet. He then complains, as a conscientious worker, only to find several levels of management all too eager to tell him to sweep his concerns under the rug.

Via Big Government:

Subsequent to the above video being released, O'Keefe and Breitbart appeared on ABC's Good Morning America. Watch as George Stephanopolous refers to O'Keefe as an "activist" instead of as a "journalist". Don't tell anyone but the mainstream media is like the wicked witch of the west and doesn't know it's drenched with water.

h/t to Big Gov't

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