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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The listserv known as JourNolist was supposed to be a site for like-minded liberal journalists to meet privately so they could, in essence, collaborate their narratives. The site, founded by far left kook at the Washington Post, Ezra Klein, made news last month when posts of a supposed conservative beat writer had been leaked. Dave Weigel was effectively outed as mis-representing himself as a conservative, posting hateful and despicable things. Weigel resigned and Klein shut down the listserv.

Now, the Daily Caller has obtained documents from JourNolist that show supposed journalists colluding with one another on how best to kill stories about Jeremiah Wright during the 2008 presidential campaign.
According to records obtained by The Daily Caller, at several points during the 2008 presidential campaign a group of liberal journalists took radical steps to protect their favored candidate. Employees of news organizations including Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic participated in outpourings of anger over how Obama had been treated in the media, and in some cases plotted to fix the damage.

In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to deflect attention from Obama’s relationship with Wright by changing the subject. Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Ackerman wrote, “Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.”
Journalists colluding and conspiring to pull the race card in an attempt to deflect damaging information? That's not news if you know the truth but now it's a matter of factual record.

Ironically, the two men who should be the most angered by these revelations are part of the leftwing establishment media - George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson as the records obtained by the Caller actually focus in on an April 2008 debate hosted by ABC. Those two "journalists" were targeted by the boys over on JourNolist during and after that debate, in which Obama was asked about Wright, much to the chagrin of these writers:
Thomas Schaller, a columnist for the Baltimore Sun as well as a political science professor, upped the ante from there. In a post with the subject header, “why don’t we use the power of this list to do something about the debate?” Schaller proposed coordinating a “smart statement expressing disgust” at the questions Gibson and Stephanopoulos had posed to Obama.

“It would create quite a stir, I bet, and be a warning against future behavior of the sort,” Schaller wrote.

Tomasky approved. “YES. A thousand times yes,” he exclaimed.

The members began collaborating on their open letter. Jonathan Stein of Mother Jones rejected an early draft, saying, “I’d say too short. In my opinion, it doesn’t go far enough in highlighting the inanity of some of [Gibson's] and [Stephanopoulos’s] questions. And it doesn’t point out their factual inaccuracies …Our friends at Media Matters probably have tons of experience with this sort of thing, if we want their input.”
Their friends at Media Matters? Conservatives everywhere have screamed at their televisions when they see folks like Stephanopoulos and Gibson exhibit blatant bias. These revelations provide evidence for what conservatives have long suspected. They are policed by a liberal mindset and when they don't play ball, they pay a price. Media Matters is a powerful outfit. The last thing George and Charlie would want is to be the victims of the wrath of John Podesta & Company.

In September of 2009, weeks after the ACORN scandal broke, Charlie Gibson appeared on a Chicago radio station and was asked why ABC didn't cover the story. He chose to look foolish by laughing and saying he "didn't even know about it".

CLICK HERE for the audio.

This latest evidence from JourNolist could explain why Gibson would rather look like a dolt than report the truth - intimidation. Ditto Bob Schieffer over at CBS for not asking Eric Holder about the New Black Panther case. True, JourNolist is no more but that doesn't mean the culture doesn't still exist. After all, Media Matters is still smearing with reckless abandon.

Weigel posted as a conservative beat writer when he was anything but. His posts over at JourNolist clearly show he was mis-representing himself. There are times when I watch / read self-proclaimed conservative David Brooks at New York Times and wonder the same thing.

Here is where the JourNolist scandal started.

h/t to Free Republic

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