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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


In addition to the jobs-gate scandal that has been dogging Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak (D) in his race for Senate against Pat Toomey, there may be another one brewing for Sestak. How do ties to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) sound? He is losing Jewish voters as a direct result.

An ad courtesy of Jews For Sarah and the story behind it was featured in a piece by World Net Daily:
Sestak, whose Senate bid is backed by activists with the far-left grass-roots group, had likewise expected heavy Jewish electoral and financial support until the controversy over his ties to CAIR began heating up in recent days.

A large advertisement in this week's edition of the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent reminded voters that in 2007 Sestak served as the keynote speaker at a local fundraising dinner for CAIR.
While there is no excuse for politicians not to know what CAIR's true intentions are, in 2007 public awareness of those intentions was nowhere near where it is in 2010. Consequently, these revelations about Sestak are unquestionably going to do more damage to him than they would in 2007. Regardless, it was public knowledge by 2007 that CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial in which the defendants were found guilty of several counts related to terrorism. Sestak would have been the keynote speaker at the CAIR event during the same year that case went to trial.

It's curious that Specter didn't seize on this during his race with Sestak. It could have been a repeat of what worked for him in 1992, when his opponent was shown to be anti-Israel; that revelation carried Specter to victory. The question I have is why didn't he capitalize on Sestak's ties to CAIR?

Curiously, as WND points out, Sestak was approached by members of the Jewish community prior to speaking at the CAIR event and warned not to attend.
At a meeting with Sestak at the Havertown Jewish Community Center in 2007, members of the local Jewish community pleaded with Sestak to withdraw from the CAIR event, but he declined.
Even recently, Sestak lined up with those who had a problem with how Israel handled the flotilla endorsed by Turkey's IHH and the Free Gaza Movement.
The anti-Sestak ad also points out the lawmaker refused to join a pro-Israel letter, signed by 329 members of Congress last year, urging President Obama to work closely with Israel to advance peace. Sestak also declined to sign another pro-Israel congressional letter, in March, that affirmed the U.S. and Israel are "close allies."

Sestak did, however, sign a January letter lambasting Israel for using "collective punishment" against Palestinian residents of Gaza. The letter sought to put pressure on Israel to ease up on its blockade of the Hamas regime.
Until America admits the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood and all of the groups affiliated with it - among them is CAIR - we will continue to lose the battle.

Click HERE to see the ad Jews For Sarah placed in the Philiadelphia Jewish Exponent.

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