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Monday, July 5, 2010


The macabre coincidences surrounding the horrific plane crash of a Polish plane carrying that country's president and nearly 100 top officials were so numerous, the odds of this crash being an accident struck many - including myself - as being far longer than the odds of foul play. That is not to say it didn't happen that way; there was reportedly a dense fog and very low visibility. However, as I wrote back on April 10th, the ironic circumstances surrounding these deaths were simply too many to default to a position the crash was accidental.

Now a Polish website is reporting that U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has drafted a resolution calling for an investigation into the crash:
It recalls the facts then existing, including that:

- Polish experts on security and aviation representatives of the Ministry denied access to the crash site.

- Polish investigators submitted only a copy of the record of registrars.

- Polish investigators not being provided the same black boxes .

- More than 50,000 Poles have signed the appeal for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry.

The proposal of Congressman Peter T. King was transferred for consideration by the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
As I wrote on the day of the crash, there are plenty of reasons to approach this accident with healthy skepticism. The one thing that would go a long way in assuaging that skepticism would be a word we've become very familiar with over the last two years - transparency. If the aforementioned report is correct, it would appear that transparency in Smolensk, Russia is not all that popular.

It would seem to me that the main objectives of an investigation are to establish the cause. If the cause was accidental, there would be no reason to be anything less than transparent. Once an investigation demonstrates foul play, it would again seem to me that suspects and motives are then explored. If it is true that the investigation is being hampered, an entirely new set of questions need to be raised. If accidental, there would be no need to hamper an investigation.

h/t to Free Republic

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