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Sunday, July 11, 2010


As for the most despicable portion of this clip, California Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown calls the Tea Party movement 'teabaggers' without so much as batting an eye. It's obviously part of his vernacular at this point. However, his most absurd claim is that Wall Street is singlehandedly responsible for destroying $11 Trillion of wealth. These people are really something else. Brown was in bed with ACORN and protected them so overtly, he couldn't deny it. Recorded conversations proved this man should be prosecuted on obstruction charges.

Instead, he's running for Governor. Until an interviewer challenges Brown on what he knew about Jim Jones when he was previously the Governor of California, each outlet that does interview Brown is derelict to the point of nearly criminal conduct. Brown visited Jones' Temple more than once and knew much more than he's ever been willing to reveal.

As a Governor in the 1970's who looked the other way, Brown has blood on his hands. The fact that he's even being remotely considered for any public office is beyond egregious.

Via Brietbart

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