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Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am well aware of the concerns surrounding J.D. Hayworth's skeletons with regard to pork barrel spending, Jack Abramoff, etc. The bigger issue here is what happens if John McCain wins the primary in Arizona on August 24th. When it comes to immigration, McCain's flip flops make John Kerry look like a piker. I'm also aware of the concern that Hayworth can't win the general election even if he does beat McCain. Again, my bigger concern is what McCain will do after the primary. If history is any indication, he will tack left almost immediately.

Enter this new video from J.D. for Senate. It starts with a clip of Obama this past week talking about immigration reform (amnesty). In it, Obama mentions McCain specifically as a necessary vote for passing amnesty. It then cuts away to McCain on December 8th, 2007 in which the Arizona Senator is on display in all of his amnesty-loving glory. That's followed by Robert Gibbs, echoing Obama's sentiment about McCain.

In fact, I'm almost to the point of a Hayworth loss in November would be better than a McCain victory in August. If McCain wins back his seat, he'll have six years to show complete and utter disrespect for conservatives in much the same way Lindsey Graham is doing right now - he's not up for re-election until 2014. McCain, with his political clout and leadership could do much more damage than an incoming Democrat Senator with no real stripes. The only exception might be McCain getting the Republicans a majority in the Senate. But with McCain, what does that really mean?

Can anyone say, "Gang of 14"? It would be a ridiculous shame if McCain is able to fool people again.

Powerful video from the Hayworth camp...

h/t to Free Republic

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