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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My latest column over at Breitbart's Big Peace focuses on a comparison between a French WWI hero named Philippe Pétain who became a French traitor in WWII, and New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In WWII, Pétain collaborated with the Nazis after Hitler invaded France. Called upon to defend his countrymen, Pétain sold them out.

Bloomberg appears to be doing the same thing with the city he's sworn an oath to defend:

Via Big Peace:
If Mayor Michael Bloomberg is to New York – and by extension the United States – what French general Philippe Pétain was to his country in WWII, we have cause for great concern. France was in desperate need of a leader after the Nazi invasion and called its greatest WWI hero out of retirement to help in 1940.

Pétain, upon assessing the situation, decided that it was best to surrender to Hitler – without calling it surrender – than it was to fight. He proceeded to sign an armistice that served to forfeit more than half of France to the Nazis – including Paris – in exchange for a territory in the central part of the country, known as Vichy. Pétain led the Vichy government primarily as a figurehead, more so beginning in 1942, and collaborated with the Germans. The government also passed anti-Semitic laws and rounded up French, Spanish, and Eastern European Jews who were deported to German concentration camps.

In fairness to a true historical account, Pétain was 84 years old and hardly capable of being the savior his countrymen so desperately wanted him to be. Defending France after the invasion, however untenable, was what Pétain was charged with doing. Instead, he sold out his country to save his own skin; he was.....
I hope you read it all.

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