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Monday, August 9, 2010


We are truly witnessing an extremely bizarre phenomenon unfold on the left in this country. Roseanne Barr and Rosie O'Donnell may just be the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to the abyss the left seems to be headed for. You know someone has truly lost it when their version of history involves demonizing the Jews by making the claim that Nazi leaders in WWII - including Hitler himself - were actually Jews.

Yet, that's exactly what Roseanne Barr did.

When you couple that with the claim of a Rosie O'Donnell staffer, that people who oppose construction of the Ground Zero mosque are similar to Nazis, you have quite the alternate reality taking shape. During O'Donnell's radio show, one of her staffers named Pete Mele made the comparison:
"GOOGLE PETE" MELE (staffer): I get very angry at [opposition to the mosque]...It is beyond un-American.

BOBBY PEARCE (staffer): Right. I agree.

MELE: ...This sort of persecution, blindly, of one group is what was going on in Germany in the 1930s...You can't say because [Muslims were behind the 9/11 attacks], we can't have them doing anything in our country.
Someone should inform Rosie and Mele that the Muslim world aggressively sought an alliance with Hitler in WWII - they both shared a common hatred for the Jews.

For some reason, Isaiah 5:20 comes to mind:
Isaiah 5:20

20Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
Before anyone makes the claim that this is guilt by association, remember that Mele is an integral part of O'Donnell's show and the host didn't deviate much from that view or attempt to debunk it, only saying that "radical Islam" and Christianity are very similar. Uh, does that mean that moderate Islam is better than both, Rosie?

h/t to NewsBusters

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