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Monday, September 20, 2010


Former Muslim Nonie Darwish has posted YouTube audio clip of Feisal Abdul Rauf in a 2006 radio interview which was obviously pre-recorded for airing at a later date. Early on in the clip, you can hear Rauf ask the interviewer if they're done with the interview so he could ostensibly talk off the record. The interviewer (Mark) assures Rauf that yes, the interview is over and to go ahead; don't you just love YouTube?

The man we know today as the Ground Zero mosque Imam definitely gives us a look behind the curtain, both before and after he thought he was not being recorded. Noteworthy claims included his identifying 9/11 as a "watershed" and championed it as a "catalytic force" in advancing the Islamic agenda in the west. In hindsight, one could say he was right. After Islamic Jihadists attacked us on 9/11, groups like CAIR aggressively fought back with the weapon known as political correctness.

Other moments in this clip (there are many) worth paying attention to include Rauf's admission that he was in constant contact with former Secretary of State Madeline Albright to help further his agenda. Perhaps most interestingly, Rauf used the analogy of football to illustrate what his plans were. In that analogy, he identified himself as the head coach and presidents of nations as players.

Does that include Obama in 2010? It certainly seems to include NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NY Attorney General Mario Cuomo. Both men seem to be running interference for the Imam.

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