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Monday, September 27, 2010


As I sat in a restaurant this past Saturday evening, I took note of a football game on one of the multiple televisions. It was University of Texas vs. UCLA. Surprisingly, UCLA was way ahead late in the game. Making the score even a bit more disheartening for UT fans was that the game was in Austin. UT trailed 27-6 with just over eleven minutes left and the camera man singled out a fan who was either far too emotionally or financially invested in the outcome.

I hope this guy is as engaged in what's going on with his country as he is in the success of a football team. In fairness to him, if he's not, he's not the only one. I just found this photo emblematic of a much larger problem of disengagement when it comes to the dire situation we're in as a nation.

h/t to Facebook Friend for the photo.

1 comment:

Larry said...

That's ironic. I knew a guy who used to beat his toolbox with a hammer if his precious Dolphins lost. As I recall, he missed hitting the box once and cracked his knee. Go figure.

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