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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This video is definitely a must-see. It is the near perfect metaphor for what's going on in America right now. The setting is a city council meeting in Vancouver, Washington. The three people who play a central role in that metaphor are Mayor Timothy Leavitt, Council Member Jeanne Harris, and Council Member Jeanne Stewart. Harris is seated to Leavitt's left and Stewart to the left of Harris. The treatment received by constituents from Harris is beyond disgraceful.

The first constituent to speak wanted to express concerns about the Light Rail system that is apparently moving forward. Seemingly prompted by Harris' near belligerent insistence about that subject not being on the table, Leavitt instructed the citizen to keep the discussion about city business; Light Rail had become a state matter. The second bone of contention with Harris apparently was that she didn't want city council members (herself) identified specifically; constituents should only be allowed to address members collectively as a group. Stewart challenges Harris politely and seems to sympathize with the constituents.

The metaphor? As mayor, Leavitt represents the D.C. establishment. Positioned right next to him, having his ear and acting as the loud, annoying squeaky wheel is Harris. She represents lobbyists and special interests. Leavitt doesn't have the guts to cross her. Positioned farther away from Leavitt is Stewart, who exhibits rational, logical, common sense thinking. She represents the Tea Party candidates who, until now, haven't had the power or access that to the establishment that lobbyists do.

Of course, the constituents represent the Tea Party.

I promise you'll want to email Council Member Jeanne Harris after watching this so let me save you the trouble. It is: (be polite but let her know how you feel). Also, here's the City of Vancouver website.

h/t to Verum Serum

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Van said...

f you are truly appalled at her behavior and wish to see her excused from Vancouver City business, feel free to join the Facebook group, "Recall Jeanne Harris":

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