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Saturday, October 16, 2010


On October 14th, Bill O'Reilly told the easily excitable ladies on 'The View' that 'Muslims killed us on 9/11,' which sent Joy Behar and Whoopi storming off the set. On the morning of the 15th, Fox's Brian Kilmeade backed up O'Reilly by saying that 'not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.' This angered the 'objective' publication known as the LA Times - the same LA Times that refused to release important video of Obama at a dinner for former PLO operative Rashid Khalidi before the 2008 election.

Here is what Tony Pierce at the LA Times said about Kilmeade's assertion:
The Real Irish Republican Army, Shining Path, and Ku Klux Klan certainly aren't Muslims. Domestic terrorism in the U.S. is so widespread that it has its own Wikipedia page and most of those groups don't appear to be Muslim; some blow up abortion clinics, some are eco-terrorists, some are just twisted Americans like the deceased Timothy McVeigh (who claimed to be a Christian).
Aside from the tired notion that McVeigh was a Christian being an outright lie, I'll concede one thing to Pierce - if it's ok to split hairs.

Perhaps Kilmeade should have said, '99.99% of all terrorists are Muslim.' In addition to naming three groups who have either been de-fanged or have minimal effect relative to Islamic terrorism, the Times actually links to the Wikipedia page for each of those 'terrorist' groups. The Wikipedia page for the KKK refers to the group as 'far right.' If that's true, how come it was the armed wing of the Democrat party, created by Democrats? FDR (a Democrat) put KKK member Hugo Black on the Supreme Court. Robert Byrd (a Democrat) was in the KKK and utterly derided MLK in a speech six days before King's death in 1968.

And isn't it interesting how the KKK's influence decreased when the Democrat leadership began exploiting race for its own agenda? The other group the Times links to - Shining Path - is a soviet style communist socialist group. Uh, guys, we've been trying to tell you that communism is very bad.

As for the Real Irish Republican Army, their activities have certainly diminished over the years and are, for the most part, relegated to one small region of the world (Ireland).

Conversely, Islam commits acts of terrorism all over the world with the goal of implementing a world-wide caliphate and putting the entire world under Shariah law. Compare what the KKK, the Real Irish Republican Army, and Shining Path have done to what is taking place right now, all over the world.

There is one valid point Pierce makes and it has to do with the Saudi ownership of Newscorp. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the second largest shareholder behind the Murdoch family. I have a big problem with that too. You'd think it's something the left and the right can agree on being wrong. However, instead of the left using that as a bone of contention against people on Fox who take on Islamic terrorism, wouldn't it make sense for them to expose bin Talal? Kilmeade works for an entity that will allow him to take on these issues. It's called, 'picking your battles.'

Here is the segment in which Kilmeade makes the claim.

h/t to Weasel Zippers

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