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Saturday, November 20, 2010


The alleged 'White House Insider,' who has been talking to anonymous blogger Ulsterman has maintained quite steadfastly that Pelosi would not stay on as the Democrat leader, though he / she DID predict Pelosi would not stay on as Speaker. As we all learned this week, Pelosi will remain the leader of the Democrat minority. Ulsterman posted another interview with WHI that took place prior to it becoming finalized that Pelosi would be minority leader.

WHI did allow him/herself some wiggle room though. While virtually certain that Pelosi would step down, WHI did discuss what it would mean if she did stay on; the conclusion was it wouldn't be good for the Democrat party but more important, according to WHI, it would mean that she cut a deal with the administration not to leak incredibly damaging information about Obama in exchange for retaining her leadership role.

Via Ulsterman:
Ulsterman: But if Pelosi keeps her leadership position, and it looks like she will —

Insider: I wouldn’t bank on that just yet – we got more and more people telling her to step the -expletive- down. Stand aside. Don’t be surprised to be surprised on that. I said she was done as Speaker, and I was right on that. I said she-she didn’t have the support to be party leader and I still stand by that. Still standin’!

Ulsterman: What if she does stay on as Minority Leader? Any effect on the scandal? Investigations? The Obama White House?

Insider: The number one impact is on the Democratic Party – and it would be a terrible-terrible thing for us. It’s inconceivable. Do you get that? Keep in place the same damn party leadership that cost us to lose 60 odd seats in the House? Why in the hell would we do that? Why? There is just no damn way the party is that stupid. No. Cannot be.

Ulsterman: What other impacts? Complications?

Insider: Of Pelosi staying on as party leader? Plenty. For one, it makes me question myself – my information, and that would make me very-very nervous. I don’t like to receive surprises. Like to give them. Don’t like to get them. That would be a nasty little surprise come my way.
Ulsterman then presses WHI for more clarity on why it would be such a big deal if Pelosi were to remain as minority leader..
Insider: (Hands cover face – then looks back at me.) Ok…ok, here…here is – I strongly suspect Nancy Pelosi has certain information, or parts of information, that-that would be essential to helping certain investigations against the White House. Investigations that could lead all the way to the top. It was my understanding that Pelosi had decided to let this information be known to others, say members of a committee, in her…absence. She would be gone, living the good life out there in California, not part of the investigations, not the cause of the disclosure, you know, that kind of scenario – though I think she has let some stuff get out there already as a way of telling the White House to back the -expletive- off. But by laying back on all of it, she would have necessary separation from it all. Do you understand?
Sound credible?

Keep watching Robert Gibbs. Remember, WHI said he would be leaving soon and the clock is ticking. If Gibbs doesn't go soon, WHI could start losing readers.

Read it all.

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