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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


After the prediction by Ulsterman's 'White House Insider' that there was no way Nancy Pelosi would hold on to the Democrat House leadership position proved incorrect, the credibility of WHI took a hit. However, the claims made by WHI in the days before Pelosi did retain that position do sound credible. The charge made by WHI was that Pelosi had the goods on Obama and was ready to leak them after leaving office. Speaking hypothetically at the time, WHI stated that if Pelosi DID stay on as minority leader, it would mean that the White House cut a deal with her.

Whether true or not, it is plausible and WHI has not spoken to Ulsterman since. However, he had already pointed the anonymous blogger in the direction of what he/she insisted was a coming scandal and it had to do with Obama's ties to Chicago. Despite WHI's incorrect prediction on Pelosi, several other predictions proved correct.

In any event, Ulsterman seems to be following the Chicago trail and it seems to lead - at least in part - to Broadway Bank and Obama's friend Alexi Giannoulias:
President Obama and fellow Democrat and former executive of now-failed Broadway Bank Alexi Giannoulias have known one another for well over a decade. Both men’s political careers were running similar arcs until Obama catapulted to national prominence following his speech at the 2004 Democratic Party National Convention. While Giannoulias remained in Illinois to serve as Treasurer, Obama won a position as a United States Senator, and shortly after, the White House.
Interestingly, the FDIC report on the failed bank should have been released by October, six months after the bank's closing on April 23rd. It was put off until after the election.

Here is a link to the belated FDIC REPORT. KFVS posted an AP story on the FDIC report as well.

Ulsterman closes the most recent report with the following paragraph:
Last week the FDIC released a summary report on the failure of Broadway Bank. The cost to taxpayers to bail out the bank’s deposits was nearly $400 million dollars. Nearly $30 million dollars had been loaned to organized crime figures in recent years.
Could it be that the WHI is still talking to Ulsterman but not wanting any of their discussions published? WHI did concede that if Pelosi ended up with the Democratic leadership position, it would leave him/her exposed.

For more on WHI's last interview with Ulsterman, click HERE.

Check out this video ad for Giannoulias' failed Senate bid. It features Obama.

Caution: Grab a vomit bag before viewing.

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