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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I changed the headline of this post after looking into something Ayers said toward the end of this clip from his interview on Citizen Radio on December 1, 2010 because he actually seemed to be making a pretty serious charge by comparing Jeremiah Wright to MLK. He did so by pointing to a speech King gave on March 18, 1968 called 'America is Going to Hell Unless...' It turns out that Ayers has a very valid point. The fiery speech from King was very reminiscent of Wright. However, that fact should not let Wright off the hook. On the contrary, it should cause us to re-examine King's later years.

At the beginning of this clip, Ayers describes a 'narrative' that was used to paint Obama as a 'shadowy' mystery man, a character who was associated with mysterious and evil people like a former terrorist (Ayers), a radical pastor (Wright), and a former member of the PLO (Khalidi). Ayers lays the origin of this 'narrative' at the feet of Hillary Clinton but the fact of the matter is that it's all true. Obama's past has been wiped clean and there is a treasure trove of things we still don't know about him. The things Ayers says were attributed incorrectly to the list of Obama associates were actually quite accurate.

One thing I've learned about Ayers is that every time he refers to someone he disagrees with as putting forth a 'dishonest narrative,' it means far more often than not that they're telling the truth. An exception may be the claim made by him that MLK was more radical than Jeremiah Wright.

HERE is a link to an interview between Desiree Cooper and Kate Ellis from March 29, 2008 in which the latter was discussing the release of an MLK documentary she had produced. HERE is a link to the MLK speech Ayers referred to.

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