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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Get ready for this one because it's a doosey. There is a pro-Israel group known as Z Street that is being denied tax exempt status by the IRS because Israel is a terrorist state. How was the IRS able to reach such a conclusion? Because terrorism takes place within Israel's borders. Lost on the IRS is the fact that the terrorism that takes place is by those who want to eliminate Israel from existence. Prior to this latest IRS position, Z Street alleged that the reason it was denied tax exempt status was because its policy toward Israel didn't jive with the policy of the Obama administration.

Check out the Press Release from Z Street:
12/11/10 We now have the mind-numbing IRS defense for delaying (almost a year now!) Z STREET's application for tax exempt status. In a signed affidavit, an IRS official explains that there is no "Israel Special Policy," instead it is a Terrorism Special Policy, and that Israel is included. That's right, Israel is a terrorist state because terrorism happens there. True, Israel is the victim, but why quibble with details? This brings moral equivalency to a whole new level. Every Zionist should be screaming from the rooftops. The brief is here and the most significant of the IRS affidavits is here. The affidavit of the agent in charge of Z STREET's application is here. And you'll be shocked, shocked to learn that the government completely ignores that it asked of another organization whether that organization "supports the existence of Israel", and what are that organization's "religious beliefs about the land of Israel." That doesn't quite fit into their new defense. Nor, of course, the Constitution.
Ok, this convoluted logic on the part of the IRS to conclude that Israel is a terrorist state because terrorism exists within the state of Israel, raises another question with me. Does Israel get extra credit for preventing acts of terrorism by constructing the security fence along the West Bank? I understand the number of suicide bombings in that area has plummeted to virtually zero.

h/t to Weekly Standard.

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