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Thursday, December 23, 2010


I remember hearing about this from a caller on Rush Limbaugh's show on Tuesday, December 21st. In fact, the author of this piece that showed up on American Spectator - Ron Kolb - may have also been that caller. The long and the short of it here is that in 1999, Bill Clinton offered clemency to 12 FALN Puerto Rican terrorists on the condition that they each express public remorse. All but one did just that so 11 went free. Kolb is quite passionate about that twelfth man, Oscar Lopez-Rivera, not going free on January 5, 2011 when his parole hearing is scheduled.

Via the Spectator:
Oscar Lopez-Rivera was one of the leaders and founders of the fringe Puerto Rican nationalist domestic terrorist group known as the FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation). In a highly controversial move in August of 1999, Bill Clinton offered clemency to 12 members of that group (including Lopez), along with four other members of their closely allied group the Macheteros (machete-wielders), who were based primarily on the island nation.

The 11 other members of the FALN finally accepted the conditions of the clemency a month later by expressing remorse (in a move that was engineered by then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder). However, in a surprising move, Lopez refused the offer. This was even after he had made two previous escape attempts (the sentence added for the second attempt would have delayed his immediate release).

Lopez had been sentenced to 70 years for seditious conspiracy and a variety of weapons charges as well as the second thwarted escape attempt (which included plans for the use of violence).

However, he is now attempting to gain his freedom, and a parole hearing is set for January 5th.
Be sure to read Kolb's entire article because he goes into great detail about who Lopez-Rivera really is. If he is released, he will become a living martyr for the hard left.

Kolb then ends with this action item:
Lopez is currently scheduled for release from the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institute (in Indiana) in June of 2023. Again, his parole hearing is set for January 5th before the U.S. Parole Commission. If you wish to contact the commission, their number is 301-492-5990.
Go figure, another mess Holder's got ties to.

HERE is more on Clinton's decision to extend clemency in 1999.

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