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Monday, December 6, 2010


To put this in the proper context, Don Imus was forced off the air because he referred to female basketball players at Rutgers University as 'nappy headed hoes.' His apology didn't prevent his firing. He did not use the term maliciously and he was not in a position of power, being paid with taxpayer dollars to help set Communications policy. Now, let's contrast that with the words of FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn, who is also the daughter of House Majority Whip - though not for long - James Clyburn.

Mignon used the phrase that would define the twilight of Imus' career while indignantly recalling a story from her childhood. She was angry - unlike Imus. Clyburn said these words while holding a position of significant power - unlike Imus. In fact, Clyburn appeared so indignant, that an apology is not to be expected or demanded from the likes of Al Sharpton - unlike Imus. Also, unlike Imus, Clyburn seems to be channeling her anger toward implementation of a policy - net neutrality - that will negatively impact the taxpayers who pay her salary.

This woman is very angry and seems to want America to pay. She was appointed as commissioner during the Obama administration. Does that remind you of someone else who doesn't like America? Via The Blaze:

Compare that with Imus..

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