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Thursday, December 30, 2010


The flip-side of Texas gaining four congressional seats is that other states are losing them. Interestingly, Ohio is losing two of them and speculation is mounting that the seat currently being occupied by registered member of the Socialist Party of America caucus - Dennis Kucinich may be one of them. I found this interview he did with CNN's Jessica Yellin interesting for several reasons. Early on, he concedes that his district, which is near Cleveland, has seen a significant loss in population.

Take note - starting at the 1:00 mark - of what he attributes that loss in population to. He says it has to do with the loss of jobs (a sensible person would point that finger at Obama) and then blames the sub-prime mortgage crisis! Let's see, the Community Re-investment Act (CRA) was signed into law by Jimmy Carter (D), given teeth by Bill Clinton (D), and used to drive the housing market over the cliff by Chris Dodd (D) and Barney Frank (D) via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Then, take note at about the 3:30 mark as Yellin begins talking about Republican successes in state legislatures all across the country during a re-districting year. She comes across as bemoaning the fact that the Democrats took such a beating in such an important year. After Kucinich basically says it is what it is, Yellin takes her bias a step futher and whines, "You don't think it needs reforming?!" Just another case of blatant media bias. Once again, the left is happy with the rules until they don't work for them.

Another telling moment comes at about the 5:40 mark where Kucinich actually says, "The biggest questions in our society relate to how wealth is distributed." Ah, we come full circle. Under a socialist administration, wealth - as well as population in Kucinich's district - was distributed out of that district. The irony is that Kucinich the socialist could be a casualty of the socialist policies he advocates.

Oh, just to clear up any misperception that I'm hurling pejoratives at Kucinich by calling him a socialist, he's one of the 70 members of congress who was identified as such in 2009. Not only that but he was listed as a Vice Chair.

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