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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Though I never fully bought in to the Ulsterman (avatar pictured) interviews with an alleged 'White House Insider,' I posted many of them simply because of how interesting they were to read and how believable they seemed to be. Thanks to a commenter on an earlier post of mine, it looks like we can put a fork in Ulsterman's credibility - at least for now and at minimum until he comes forward with his identity. Even Woodward and Bernstein didn't hide theirs.

If you'd like to read Ulsterman's 'White House Insider' interviews, click here but read with a very skeptical eye.

Any alleged 'Insider' shouldn't be required to have his identity revealed. I say "his" because unless the 'Insider' is Marge Schott - not likely because she's dead - there aren't many women who would cuss like the Insider does and there are even less who would incessantly call a younger man 'kid.' However, Ulsterman must reveal his.

The most compelling posts by Munsterwoman involve screen shots of past Ulsterman articles that have since been scrubbed. It appears our anonymous blogger has a habit of inventing names and businesses that don't exist while simultaneously making his case.

A commenter on Munsterwoman's blog even claims to have discovered the true identity of Ulsterman.

Anyway, Ulsterman's "Insider" was wrong about Pelosi; he was wrong about Robert Gibbs (Gibbs is still employed); and his claim that Hillary is going to go against Obama in 2012 is at least being undermined by Hillary's latest comments about Secretary of State being her last job in public service.

I like to consider myself good at sniffing these things out and will give Ulsterman credit for at least getting me to entertain the notion that he may have been onto something.

But I'm done until I get at least one name and that name is the one belonging to the person masquerading as Ulsterman.

If there was one area that might cause a bit of head-scratching it's that the posts Ulsterman allegedly scrubbed seem to be inconsistent with his subject matter of late. That said, his stories should be read like one reads a novel UNTIL he at least releases his identity.

Read more here.

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Mustachio said...

I researched the Ulsterman stories and some of what I discovered is written about here:

What I'm starting to see is a vast network of pay-per-click blogs who generate sensational (and BS) content to capitalize on anti-Obama sentiment.

I don't know what to say/think about it, though, because trying to discredit them only gives them more attention. But it does annoy me that people buy into these stories. Sad state of affairs.

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