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Friday, October 8, 2010


Some time in September, California Attorney General / Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown (D) called union official, Scott Rate to ask for his endorsement. Brown got Rate's voicemail and left what was obviously an urgent message regarding the need for the endorsement. When finished, Brown hung up the phone - or so he thought. In addition to the voicemail itself being recorded, so was an ensuing conversation between Brown and his associates.

Via the Los Angeles Times blog:
In a private conversation that was inadvertently taped by a voicemail machine, an associate of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown can be heard referring to his Republican opponent Meg Whitman as a “whore” for cutting a deal protecting law enforcement pensions as the two candidates competed for police endorsements.

The comment came after Brown called the Los Angeles Police Protective League in early September to ask for its endorsement. He left a voicemail message for Scott Rate, a union official. Brown apparently believed he had hung up the phone, but the connection remained intact and the voice mail machine captured an ensuing conversation between Brown and his aides.
Click HERE to listen to the full recording.

Just because hypocrisy is in such long supply lately.... Remember in 2008 when the LA Times was in possession of a videotape that showed Barack Obama speaking at a dinner for anti-semite Rashid Khalidi and wouldn't show it because the people who gave it to them asked them not to?

What are the odds Jerry Brown approved the release of this audio recording?

h/t Fox News

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