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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As moderates the world over try to tell us that the conflict between Arab Muslims and Jews, Palestinians and Israelis is a result of the egregious actions on both sides - the 'it takes two to tango' defense, we get evidence that such a paradigm may need some tweaking. When they see a story like this, perhaps they should re-think their premise. When the country that serves as the hotbed for Sunni Islam - Saudi Arabia - arrests a living vulture for being an Israeli spy for having a tag on its leg registered to Tel Aviv University, perhaps it points to one side being a bit out of phase.

Via The Daily Mail:
Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested a suspected Mossad spy when they captured a vulture.

The bird, tagged at Tel Aviv University for a science study, flew into Saudi territory, where it was nabbed, according to Haaretz News Service.

The bird was wearing a transmitter and leg bracelet as part of a migration research project, but the tags bore the words 'Tel Aviv University' and prompted suspicion.
Any guesses as to what penalty that vulture is likely to face or what will be chanted when it's carried out?

This conspiracy theory makes Alex Jones look like a piker.

h/t Drudge

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