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Friday, January 21, 2011

New Ground Zero Mosque Imam's Outrageous Claims

It didn't take long for Feisal Abdul Rauf's replacement as Ground Zero Mosque Imam to step in it. Rauf's dismissal was announced on January 14th and now it has been learned that Abdallah Adhami has said that Muslims have more of a right to claim a connection to Moses than do the Jews. I guess we're supposed to forget the fact that Moses was Jewish and led the Jews out of Egyptian lands. In addition to seizing the 'Moses' mantle, Adhami encouraged Muslims to 'compete' with other religions.

Via Aaron Klein at WND:
Muslims have "more of a right" than Jews to the biblical prophet Moses, declared the imam who has become the new face of the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York City.

Imam Abdallah Adhami also urged Muslims to "compete" with other religions.

"We must be doing it first, we must compete with you to be doing more of that. We want to fast Ashura too, because that's the day God saved Moses; that is certainly a day to be celebrated. We have more right to Moses," stated Adhami in a 2008 lecture obtained and reviewed by WND.

Ashura is an Islamic fast day that commemorates Muslim events, including the Islamic claim that Moses fasted on that day to express gratitude to God for liberating the Israelites from Egypt.

In his lecture, Adhami recounted the Islamic story of the Muslim figure Muhammad arriving in Medina, where he encountered Jews who fasted on Ashura and asked them why they were celebrating the holiday.
The formula used by the opponents of the Ground Zero mosque that ultimately saw Rauf get the boot - sunlight - needs to be applied to Mr. Adhami.

Hear new the Ground Zero Mosque in his own words.

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