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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Video: Michael Steele on Bill Maher

In this exchange between former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Bill Maher, Steele reminds me of the guy who is passed up for a promotion, becomes bitter, and then proceeds to act immaturely, thereby validating the original decision. The implication here is that Steele thinks the Republican Party is too rigid and unwilling to reach out to minority voters. He also scornfully refers to 'Republican justice' for why he was ousted despite all of the gains the party made in November.

Lost on Steele is that responsibility for the landslide elections was the result of two things - the Obama Administration and the Tea Party, which he did not do enough to support. Instead of humbly accepting that reality, he seems bitter and could go down a path similar to Al Gore after 2000, though certainly not to that extent.

The race that best exemplified where Steele went wrong was the special election in NY 23 in 2009 in which he backed far left liberal RINO Dede Scozzafava over Tea Party conservative Doug Hoffman. The end result was that Scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the Democrat. Hoffman lost a close race he most certainly would have won had the Republican party supported him.

Steele has essentially two choices at this point. He can either become bitter and trash the Republicans or he can get on board and show a little maturity. If this clip with Maher is any indication of coming attractions, he may choose the former which again, would validate his being voted out as RNC chairman.

Also, take note of Bill Maher's comment that there is a lot of 'Chicken' in Harlem.

Via Daily Caller:

Here is Steele standing by Scozzafava in 2009. It's at the very end of this clip; listen to Mika's comment after Chuck Todd gets Steele to publicly endorse Scozzafava.

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