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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bill Ayers Faces Protesters on College Campus

This is a symbolic victory at worst and a tangible one at best. The success of Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers has been attributable to apathy on the part of Americans as much as anything else. He is a man who committed acts of terrorism and advocated the death of 25 million people if you believe the testimony of the only man to infiltrate the Weather Underground - Larry Grathwohl.

Obama's affiliation with Ayers should have wrecked his campaign; it did not in large part because of public apathy and a deceptive media.

When we see increased protests of Bill Ayers, it will be a very good sign that the public is waking up to who he really is.

Via Augusta Chronicle.
STATESBORO, Ga. - William Ayers, a 1960s-era radical who drew attention during the 2008 presidential campaign because he once served on a charity board with Barack Obama, spoke about freedom of speech and education reform to a group that included members of an organization protesting his appearance.

Ayers, a former University of Illinois professor, spoke Monday night at Georgia Southern University. He said academic freedom is needed so that unconventional ideas can be heard.

Members of a group called the Sons of Liberty turned up to protest, then went inside to listen after being told they could not conduct a demonstration on campus because they had not registered in advance.
h/t to Barrackaid #34. Though this protest could be a flash in the pan, Bill Ayers once wrote a book entitled 'Prairie Fire,' which was a reference to an old Maoist saying about only needing a spark to start one.

Same applies with exposing Bill Ayers. Here is Grathwohl discussing his time with the Weather Underground for a 1982 film.

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