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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BREAKING: Egyptian Demonstrators Steal Army Uniforms

Rachel Lipkin is a native Egyptian, who has worked for years as a television / radio monitor for Israel. She knows the language and translates Egyptian Arabic into Hebrew and then to English. Her latest find comes courtesy of Egyptian television, which has reported that demonstrators in Egypt have broken into the Army's clothing depot and stole soldier uniforms. Presumably, this will allow them to mingle among the protesters as impostors to foment even more chaos.

Via Special Guests:
An imam (disingenuously) begged and pleaded on Egyptian TV that the Egyptian Army not open up fire on the demonstrators in Tahrir Square. He said, “Even if there are people within the crowd that fire on the soldiers, they should not respond.”

So why on earth would he make such a statement? Avi and Rachael say that according to Egyptian TV, the Egyptian Army clothing depot was broken into and uniforms taken out so that the demonstrators will mingle with the crowds as imposters, posing as real soldiers, and firing upon the real soldiers, to give the false impression that soldiers were firing against soldiers to pretend there is an internal uprising within the Egyptian Army.

The Egyptian Army has told its soldiers to change into different color uniforms so as not to be confused with those imposters wearing stolen uniforms.

There are many pro-Mubarak Egyptians, more than those in Tahrir Square who wish to demonstrate in favor of Mubarak and the Egyptian administration. They have been warned by the fanatic Moslem anti-Mubarak demonstrators that the pro-government demonstrators would be killed by the anti-government demonstrators in the city of Ismailia.
Only one day earlier, Lipkin uncovered Al Jazeera propaganda that was intended to demonize Israel, implicating it as a player in the exacerbation of chaos in Egypt.
“Al-Jazeera, banned from Egypt two days ago because of its incitement of the Egyptian people against the Mubarak regime came up with two interesting stories:

1. Israeli military air transports were flying into Egypt more tear gas and other poisons to kill the Egyptian people.

2. Omar Suleiman, the newly sworn-in Vice President of Egypt concluded an agreement with Israel that Israel would provide Egypt with more bullets and bombs with which to kill Egyptian people.”
The world will realize soon enough that as bad as Mubarak was, the Muslim Brotherhood will be exponentially worse for western interests. The Obama administration is supporting Islamic thugs in the region.

Go figure. Obama is backing thugs who thrive on chaos. Who knew?

More here.

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