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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video: Chris Matthews Mocks Beck for Telling the Truth

The last time I saw Chris Matthews so sardonic was when he was visibly incredulous at the notion of doing a segment on the birthers. This video montage starts out with Matthews and Eugene Robinson playing a few clips of Glenn Beck saying that the socialist left and the Islamists are allies because both have a common enemy in Israel. Whether or not hatred for Israel makes them allies is of little consequence in this clip. Matthews and his guest are more interested in painting Beck as a kook for saying it than in looking at the actual facts. The closer you get to the truth with the left, the more they try to paint you as a nut.

The way Matthews reacts almost makes me want to give the birthers a second look. Anyway, the short exchange between Matthews and Robinson is followed by a montage of other clips which more than prove Beck's point.

Via The Blaze:

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