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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video: Liberal Protester Foams at the Mouth (Literally)

Here is a cartoon liberal come to life. This guy, while at the protest in Chicago, literally begins foaming at the mouth while starting off his argument by making a bet with money he doesn't have. After being challenged about actually having the million dollars, he says, 'Oh yeah, I'll get it.' He then goes into some Muhammad Ali-inspired diatribe about being able to fight Republicans. I'll give him this though. He said he's the 'meanest liberal in the land' and I guess if you were to envision such a creature, it would come with face hole froth but this guy's really missing some key attributes that would land him the honor.

Would the meanest liberal in the land have feathers in his hat?

Via Gateway Pundit **Mild language warning**

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