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Monday, February 28, 2011

Video: Police Officer Looking the Other Way in Atlanta?

There are multiple examples of Police and Firemen either being outwardly sympathetic to the Union protesters in Wisconsin or actively engaged in protesting with them off-duty (while still donning uniforms and carrying gear). There is now another example in Atlanta of Police looking the other way after an assault took place. The first video is of the actual assault, which happens at the 0:42 mark. Keep in mind that there is a cop very near by.

Here is a first hand account from the man who was pushed. His name is Bill Greene and he says that despite countless witnesses and now video, the police officer not only let the union thug go but prevented Greene and other Tea Party members from confronting him or pressing charges. Greene explains that if he finds out who the thug is, he will press charges. The larger issue here is that there seems to be a significant number of Police officers who are sympathetic to these thugs because they too are often unionized and take taxpayer dollars.

Via The Blaze

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