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Friday, February 18, 2011

Videos: 'Fox Lies' Guy and Unhinged Wisconsin Leftist

If you've ever had the pleasure of watching the encapsulation of the liberal mentality in a one minute segment, you won't appreciate this video as much as others but it will crack your top 10. While at the Wisconsin state capitol, Fox Business reporter Jeff Flock was on hand to convey the sentiment of the protesters. At some point, he realized he would have to address the man to his right who could not stop yelling the highly intelligent phrase, 'Fox Lies' multiple times.

It became so imposing that Flock gave the 'Fox lies' guy an opportunity to make his case with more words. Instead of doing so, 'Fox Lies' guy just echoed his own sentiment.

Classic liberal mind on display.

Bonus video....

Here's a teacher who is making the assertion that if the demands of the teachers - who lied to and exploited their students - are not met, the 'children will not have a weekend.'

I'm not kidding..

Via Hot Air

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