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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ruh Roh: Fast and Furious Operation Prompts Mexican Government to Ask Questions

The revelation last week - courtesy of an ATF agent so disgusted with a policy implemented by his supervisors - that his agency intentionally allowed hundreds, if not thousands, of guns to 'walk' across the border into Mexico has apparently garnered the interest of Mexican leadership. Operation 'Fast and Furious' is a program under the larger strategy, known as 'Project Gunrunner' which is supposed to prevent such a thing.

John Dodson revealed to CBS news that Fast and Furious intentionally allowed straw purchasers go in the interest of landing bigger drug cartel fish. Not only have none of those larger fish been caught but weapons allowed to 'walk' include 50 Calibers.

Now this from CBS News:
Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is asking the U.S. government for details about ATF's "Fast and Furious" operations.

As our CBS News Investigation has revealed, "Fast and Furious" was a secret program under which, sources say, ATF purposely allowed thousands of assault rifles and other weapons from the U.S. into the hands of drug cartels in Mexico. Insiders call it letting the guns "walk."

The idea was to supposedly see where the guns ended up and use the information to take down a major cartel.

ATF sources tell CBS News that Mexican officials were intentionally kept in the dark for fear that they would jeopardize the controversial program. The strategy drew fierce criticism from federal agents ordered to employ it, including John Dodson. Dodson told CBS News that that letting guns "walk" endangered too many lives.
Mexican president Felipe Calderon was in Washington, D.C. just last week. It would have been nice for them to confront the Obama administration at that point. Dodson also claims that this operation reaches all the way to Eric Holder's Justice Department. Heads should roll over this but so far, not much seems to be happening. Read more about the operation at the Center for Public Integrity website.

Full report here.

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